We are RF Meters
based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

We are a fresh start-up who developed an innovative solution for Smart Metering using wireless technology.

We are acting in all areas of Smart Metering Systems (electricity, thermic energy, water, gas). Our solution can be easily adapted to any type of digital meter giving the final customer a great flexibility at a very fair price.

Our wireless solution, based on an open international standard, fulfills all actual metering demands, without generating any further grid modernization costs for distribution companies (DSOs). Also, our solution can be installed as a retrofit to existing systems.

Our solution in a few words

The communication module gathers all the data from the meter and send it secured to the data center, via a gateway.


  • Communication module
  • Gateway
  • Radio module, the “heart” of our technology.

Universal DIN Rail Module

Communication module


Radio module

  • Enlit 2021 – Milano - November 2021
    November 2021
  • REFLOW Final Event - Circular cities conference – Copenhagen - March 2022
    March 2022
  • Techsylvania - June 2022
    June 2022

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